Dr Costas Velis, Chair of ISWA Task Force on Marine Litter, speaks at Development Finance Forum 2017

The Development Finance Forum is the annual flagship event of KfW Development Bank, which each year deals with a current and pressing issue of international development cooperation: This time it was about the world´s oceans and why their protection is so important for the future of human kind.

The event took place on 21st and 22nd of November in Frankfurt and followed the first UN conference on oceans in New York in June and the climate conference in Bonn in November. This Development Finance Forum was entitled "Oceans 21 – Solutions for a Sustainable Marine Future". The focal points of the conference next to marine protection were marine economy and marine litter.

Dr Velis talked about marine litter and the practical approach to mitigating marine waste streams quoting the first Marine Litter report released by the Task Force last year. You can watch the highlights of the event, including a short statement from Dr Velis, here.

Access the Marine Litter Report here.