Costas Velis, Chair of ISWA Task Force on Marine Litter, Speaks About Plastic Pollution on a BBC World Service Podcast

The episode of the BBC World Service Discovery podcast series titled ' Plastic Fantastic - The China Syndrome' investigates the current state of plastic recycling market from consumer, industry, environmental and scientific points of view, and examines the effects of China ban on the global markets.


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Plastic waste and pollution have become a global problem but is there any sign of a global solution? And how did we allow this to happen in the first place?

Materials scientist and broadcaster, Professor Mark Miodownik, explores how we fell in love with plastic, why we've ended up with oceans of waste blighting the environment and what science and society can do about it.

Programme Three:
Roland Pease hears from Kenya where one of the most stringent bans on plastic bags has been in force for nearly two years, from the US where the reuseable cup has taken off and from Sweden where reverse vending machines give you money back when you return your plastic bottles. And he looks at places where plastic is the best material for the job.