A global call to action

The Task Forces next steps

  • Identify and share best practices, based on the evidence base on how the sector can offer preventative upstream solutions in different socioeconomic contexts around the planet and for different types of marine litter flows.

  • Contribute to addressing the knowledge gaps in identifying intervention hotspots, based on understanding the generation, flows and transformations of plastics marine litter.

  • Actively participate in other major efforts and international fora, including being present in major international events.

  • Assess the level of investment needed: Align efforts to obtain a detailed understanding ofthe levels of investment needed in solid waste management infrastructure to combat plastics marine litter.

  • Create a plattform that facilitates the necessary links, and organisational relationships to enable actions and solutions through transfer of knowledge and key stakeholder sensitisation, offering among ready and rapid access the necessary Solid Waste  Managment expertise worldwide.