The first steps

The ISWA Marine Litter Task Force

The ISWA Marine Litter Task Force is an international partnership led and facilitated by ISWA. The aim is to explore and clearly establish the link between efficient waste management and the prevention of plastic waste reaching our oceans.

Our first three steps:

  1. Highlight the role of sound waste and resource management in preventing marine litter by exploring and synthesizing key facts, challenges, and opportunities, and identifying, analysing, and communicating examples of best and worst practices. The Marine Litter Task Force aims to achieve these objectives by identifying the sources, flows, key intervention points, contribution of rivers, cities, major dumping sites, packaging littering, lack of resource recovery, and role of informal recycling sector.
  2. Propose a ‘Call for Action’ or a ‘Global Roadmap’ (locally adapted) of generic principles and major specific actions to increase the value of secondary plastics to support sound waste and resource management.
  3. Create the necessary links, organisational relationships, and platforms to facilitate actions and solutions through transference of knowledge and key stakeholder sensitisation.