ISWA Task Force on Marine Litter

The ISWA Task Force on Marine Litter was formed in the beginning of 2017 and the Terms of Reference were approved by the ISWA’s Scientific Technical Committee (STC) in April 2017. The Task Force is the first working body within ISWA that publicly invites others to support the work, either as a partner, a website sponsor, or as an individual supporter.

Marine Litter is about people, not waste!

Plastic waste in our oceans can only be stopped by people who think and act differently, who make recycling more worthwhile, who support sustainable waste management worldwide, and who actively support the promotion of infrastructure and legislation that supports the advancement of waste management as part of a resource efficient, circular economy.

There is no doubt that both localised and global resource efficiency failures play a big part in the disastrous level of litter in the oceans. We must tackle the challenges of uncollected and improperly disposed of municipal waste and potential recyclables thereof.

ISWA is committed in playing a major part in this. Together with the professionals, companies, organisations, and individual experts that represent ISWA, we possess the relevant and critical knowledge to identify both short-term mitigating interventions and long-term solutions.